The date today is December 12, 2013. In a little more than two weeks humanity will  enter the year 2014. It was  just a   little    more than four years ago when a  new form of  “money” made  its first  appearance on the  world scene. It is  called “bitcoin”. It purports to be a creation of the people as an  alternative monetary system to the fiat  and other corrupt systems   feeding on the populace today. Everywhere you read   about its anti-establishment  proclivities, and it being hailed as the future’s medium of exchange.

         Three years ago (11/28/10), I began my investigation into the “geometry of money”. This was after over three decades of independent research involving the “Geometry of Form”. At that time, three years ago, I was totally unaware of the magnitude of what I was about to uncover.

         I began my investigation by studying the weights and metallic ratios of the gold and silver coins created by the 1792 Coinage Act. This opened the door into what I can only describe as a “holy grail” unveiling the source of humanities entire system of weights and measures. And the mountains of data preceding this chapter on “bitcoin”, prove beyond any reasonable doubt that a “hidden hand” has guided the creation of these measures every step of the way (which totally conflicts with the historical record). And now, today, I see that same occult math and geometry unveiled in the quantitative structural essence of bitcoin.

         Why do I say this and how can I prove it? The proof is in simple math and geometry. And this proof is why I say with confidence that the same secretive group is still at work today controlling the fate of humanity from behind the scenes. Bitcoin is another financial creature specially bred by (for lack of a better word) the “illuminati” for the express purpose of robbing what will soon become the last vestiges of humanities wealth. Just how they will use bitcoin to accomplish this end I will reveal later after first showing the occult mathematics and geometry exposing the presence of this same secretive group at work behind the scenes.

         Since “bitcoins” are virtual they have no physical properties such as those we examined with the coins and paper bills. Bitcoins have no weight, thickness, diameter, metallic or paper ratios, etc. such as exists with physical monetary units. Bitcoin gives us very little quantitative evidence to work with; but any evidence might just hold the potential to open a hidden door. Here’s what we do know for starters.

         There will never be more than 21,000,000 bitcoins. They are computer generated as a work-product-result of a “mining” process. Bitcoins are mined in “blocks”, and blocks are released to the world for mining in groups or units each containing 210,000 blocks. The first unit of 210,000 blocks is valued at 50 Btcs (bitcoins) per block. Thus, after all of these first 210,000 blocks have been mined, which allegedly will be any day soon, there will be 10,500,000 bitcoins in existence. The next group of 210,000 blocks will contain only 25 Btcs/block. The next group of 210,000 blocks will have only half of the previous groups, or 12.5 Btcs/block; and so on. In all, there will be 100 releases of groups containing 210,000 blocks.

         That’s about it. Not many numbers to work with, but at least it is a starting point. That being said lets put our sandals on the few numbers describing this potentially evil little creature and see what kind of real data we can squeeze out of them.

          The most obvious quantitative fact we know about Bitcoin is that there will be a fixed limit to the number of Bitcoins that will ever be created: 21,000,000. One could almost say that this is Bitcoins’ prime numeric identity. And what is it about this quantity? Why did they choose this number rather than some other such as 20,000,000 or 25,000,000? Was 20 million too low and 25 million too high but 21 million, apparently for some inexplicable reason, is just right? It certainly looks like this must be the case; but why?

         It’s possible they just had to choose some number. Now on the other hand, it is also possible that something’s hidden from view, concealing the real source for that number. The answer is almost too obvious; and leaves me dumbfounded as to why it isn’t all over the Internet?

4800 X 4375 = 21,000,000


480 X 437.5 = 210,000

          The quantities 480 and 437.5, especially when intentionally used in conjunction with one another, are the two specific base-unit quantitative identifiers of humanities two different systems of weight based on “ounces”:

Troy Ounce = 480 grains


Avoirdupois Ounce = 437.5 grains

          So we are forced to entertain only one of two choices: either this is all just one big coincidence; or, the designers intentionally chose to model their system on the actual weights already in present use (and shown in the previous chapters to be quantitative standards inseparable from the very structure of geometry, and money itself). If the latter of the two propositions is in fact the case, then why has this been kept such a secret? Readers who are aware of the previous chapters leading up to this chapter on Bitcoin will immediately recognize this as familiar modus operandi characteristic of the Illuminati.

         In fact, when we look further into this twenty-one million quantity and its’ various magnitudes or powers, we’ll see the exact same geometric constructs which we previously saw patterning all of our familiar measures. Now once again, it’s important for the reader to know that this is absolutely contradicting the historical record which claims an underground unknown Japanese hacker, disgruntled with the current “criminal” banking system, created Bitcoin as some kind of “honest” alternative. Yet, it’s mathematical DNA shows the same “genetics” as that characterizing all of our present systems based on weights and measures.

         To see this, let’s start by modeling the first unit or group of 210,000 bitcoin blocks that are currently being “mined” (and about to be completed). There are 100 of these groups in all and each group can be refined into 210 individual units, with each individual unit containing 1000 bitcoin blocks.

         First we’ll model the 210 individual units two-dimensionally by using a square subdivided with 15 squares-per-edge. But, since 210 equals 14 times 15, and this “perfect” square contains 225 (15 times 15) sub-unit squares, it’s easy to see in the diagram below that one complete row is missing leaving the “square” incomplete.

210 units (white squares) form 15 X 14 grid. One complete line of 15 unit squares is missing leaving larger square incomplete

We saw this same geometry in the tierce of olden times and its’ modern version 42 gallon petro-barrel where their cubic inch capacity falls one row shy of forming a perfectly complete square measuring 99 cubic inches per edge (see pg. 120 for more examples).

There are 42 gallons in the tierce or modern petro-barrel and a “gallon” is 231 cubic inches; therefore, the barrel contains 9702cubic inches. These units assemble into the square above which consists of exactly 98 lines with each containing 99 cubes. The missing 99th line is indicated in red.

         When this same packaging of 210 individual cubical agglomerations of 1000 bitcoin blocks is modeled in 3-dimensions, as one single cube having six of the smaller cubes per edge, we end up again with our model mimicking the Illuminati’s recurring theme where an otherwise perfect geometry is “perfectly compromised” either by lacking one complete layer, course, row or line; or having one additional complete layer, course, row or line.

Each of the 210 cubes depicted above contain 1000 bitcoin “blocks”. In all, 100 of these super-blocks have to be completely “mined” before all 21,000,000 “coins” are created. This “perfectly” incomplete cube lacks one complete course of sub-unit cubes.

          And again, for readers unfamiliar with the previous chapters the photo below is included to show the similar modeling applied to the 26.73 gram, or 412.5 grain American silver dollar coin.

Depicted above, using the 27 mg system and incorporating 990 of these cubets, the weight of the silver dollar coin is modeled far beyond any tolerance required in actual production.

         It’s obvious from what has been revealed thus far that 21,000,000 “units” has some special significance to bitcoin geometry. So the question now is which “unit” in particular did the bitcoin architects use to model their system? We already know that there is evidence indicating they used the 480 grain Troy, and the 437.5 grain AV ounces to arrive at their “quantity” of 210,000 bitcoin “blocks”. But is there some special “unit” like the grain or the gram, or some other unit altogether, to which their design conforms and from which (they believe) great and powerful magic is imbued into their creation? Let’s have a look around and see if there is anything more to be seen.

         For example, if the 21,000,000 units are modeling “grains” then one has either 43,750 troy ounces or 48,000 avoirdupois ounces of “weight”, all be it virtual in the case of bitcoin. Regardless, both quantities of these different ounces will still produce the same number of (avoirdupois) pounds: 3000. So the question is 3000 pounds of what? I’ll just imagine, as one “for instance”, coinage silver (.900 fine). This would be in the form of 50,000 U.S. Trade Dollars, which were minted exclusively for trade in China from 1873 to 1878. These coins, at 420 grains ( 2 X 210 grains) were heavier than the familiar domestic silver dollar of 412.5 grains.

50,000 X 420 grains = 21,000,000 grains

          As I said, this modeling with the Trade Dollar is just a “for instance”. It does work conceptually, since it was produced mainly for trade outside the US boarders, kind of like a “global trade unit”; kind of like bitcoin. Now, if in fact the designers chose to enshrine measures of weight going back a thousand years (troy ounce), and nearly a thousand years (avoirdupois ounce), with both based on the grain, begs to ask the question “what about grams”? Worldwide, the modern measure of weight, which is little more than 200 years old, is the gram. Did they incorporate this unit into their design?

         Using “grams” as the model for their unit, one arrives at 21,000 kilos; or 46,297.0750… pounds? This 46,297.075060… quantity can be rewritten:

46,000 + (37.1343825)8

         The quantity over 46,000 can be re-expressed as 8 times 37.1343825. There are invoked by this number two separate and distinct quantities characterizing the American silver dollar coin.

         First, the coin contains 371.25 grains of pure silver. This quantity is reflected in this 37.1343750… quantity, and when magnified by one power of ten compares as

371.25 / 371.34375 = 0.999747…

         Secondly, 46,297.075060…pounds is perfectly equal to 46,297.0750 pounds exact to better than a .999999… fineness. This time, the quantity over 46,000 can be rewritten as 8 times 37.134375. This 34375 “portion” is the same “portion” defining the amount of silver in the dollar coin with respect to the troy ounce because:

0.7734375 troy ounce = 371.25 grains exact

Modeling the 21,000,000 Bitcoin Units

Using “The 27 Milligram System”

          Once again, readers of the previous chapters (which describe the “27 Milligram System” from which the Illuminati of past times meticulously constructed humanities present systems of weight measures in their entirety) already know something about the 27 mg system and how it was consistently employed throughout the previous centuries. So, if bitcoin is an Illuminati construct, it would be consistent that it conforms in some obvious manner to this specific accounting. Let’s take a look after this brief review.

         The “unit” in this system is a cube weighing 27 mg (.027 gram). It is depicted in the photo below where, using 27 mg cubes, both the Troy and Avoirdupois ounces are again seen to be modeled by perfectly complete rectilinear cuboids.


          These cubical “units” forming the two ounces are assembled as tall slender columns. Both structures are representing their respective ideal weights, in both systems of grams and grains, to better than 99.998% accuracy. The red cubes show their geometric differences and reveals their true common genetic lineage. Historically they have no known special relationship to one another. Allegedly these weights were arrived at by thoroughly arbitrary and subjective processes such as feeling like the “right” amount, or by decree of some king. In the picture, one can clearly see that both ounces share a “common core”, which is define by the white cubes in both columns.

         This common core contains exactly twice 210 grains (bitcoin is directly related mathematically to 210 units) and is recognized as the afore mentioned 1870’s U.S. Trade Dollar weighing 420 grains. So again we see that what became the Trade Dollar was actually the core common to the two ounces. And that 100 times the product of the two ounces in grains, 21,000,000, can represent a 3000 pound weight in coin silver that perfectly melds into 50,000 Trade Dollars. Now I guess this is just a coincidence, but 3000 pounds of coin silver contains 2700 pounds of pure silver, which occupies a volume measuring 4.125 cubic feet. This 4.125 “quantity” is a power of the 412.5 “quantity” of grains defining the gross weight of the silver dollar coin. The exact relationship between this quantity of pure silver and these ideal mathematical quantities is shown below:

2700 lbs pure silver = 4.12296348… cubic feet


4.12296348… / 4.125 = 0.9995063…

         In the earlier chapters revealing the illuminati’s 27 milligram system a perfect cuboid containing 891 sub-cubes of 27 mg. each created a total weight unit of 371.25 grains. This is the pure silver content of one silver dollar coin. This monetary measure from the silver dollar coin is also found naturally within this unit of silver itself. For when the 4.125 cubic feet is converted into cubic inches, which is 7128, we can separate them into exactly 8.0 separate perfect cuboids with each containing 891 cubic inches.

         Before moving on, it should also be noted here that the 420 grain core of the two ounces is also the base unit-model from which has derived all U.S. fractional imitation silver coins after 1965. In fact, from 1792 through to present day, all U.S. coinage conforms to and can be modeled by this 27 Mg System. Let’s now see how this relates to bitcoin:

Bitcoin’s Choice of 21,000,000 “Units”

Quantified by the 27 Milligram System

 21,000,000 bitcoin units X .027 gram = 567,000 grams

          Suppose the bitcoin architects used the 27 milligram system and that each of the 21,000,000 bitcoin units was representative of one 27 mg cube. This creates a unit weighing exactly 567,000 grams. This is 20,000 avoirdupois ounces; 20,000 units arranged just like the A.V.oz. column depicted on the right in the previous photo.

567,000 grams / 20,000 = 28.35 grams = 1 A.V. oz

          I want to point something out about this quantity of 567,000 grams (maybe it is indicative of the illuminati’s sense of humor, or mine). In 1965 Congress further debased America’s fractional dollar. This time they removed the silver from the coins altogether and replaced them with “imitation” silver coins of copper and nickel. A “dollar” in silver coin went from 25 to 22.68 grams. America is supposed to be on a “grain/pound” standard, both then and now, and 22.68 grams is metric. But 350 grains is 1/20th of our everyday pound and is 22.679618… grams. They are indistinguishable from one another, like the two ounces above, to better than 99.998% perfection. Congress could have, no Congress should have mandated 22.679618 grams if they wanted grams and to be truly consistent with OUR system as well as the world metric system. But they did not! Instead they chose a weight consistent to neither, but in 100% conformance to the 27 mg system:

22.68 grams / .027 gram = 840 cubes of 27 mg

 And 840 of these cubes stack into 4/5ths of the Trade Dollar column, which we know to be the “core” of humanities two ounces.

         I want to explain what I mean when I say that 22.68 grams is a quantity that conforms to neither “grains” nor “grams”, despite its gram-based quantification. Prior to 1878, a fractional dollar in any combination of silver coins weighed exactly 384 grains, or 0.8 troy ounce. Europe was now metric, so in grams the coins weighed 24.882781…grams. Apparently this was awkward for Europe, since that was the excuse given to Congress by the money interests who then dutifully changed the weight slightly to 25 grams exact! This changed the monetary unit-standard from grains to grams (despite the fact that the American people were still on the grain, as they are still to this day). I guess this was a benefit to the Europeans: $4 American = 100 grams; $40 = 1 kilo (exact). Qui bono? Certainly NOT the American people, in whose interest Congress allegedly is looking out for. This changed again in 1965 with the new and present weight of 22.68 grams written into the legislation. This quantity obviously is no longer a natural sub-divisional unit commensurate to either the kilo or the pound. It is however perfectly commensurate to the 27 mg system.

         So how does all this relate to bitcoin and its 567,000 grams? Well, divide America’s 22.68 gram fractional dollar into its separate imitation silver coins. The half-dollar weighs 11.34 and the quarter 5.67 grams. And the dime, at 1/10th of a dollar weighs 2.268 grams. This means that a weight of 567,000 grams can be equally expressed as:

5.67 grams X 100,000

 and visualized as 100,000 modern day nickel-clad-copper quarters. In times past, a quarter of a dollar was often referred to as two “bits”.

         Now 100,000 quarters is $25,000. If these quarters are literally melted down and recast as one perfect tetrahedron, the metal itself is now worth far less than the $25,000 it was valued at in coin form. This is because ever since 1965 these coins have only been a substitute for the “real money” it was designed to replace: Americas’ silver fractional coins, which were minted until 1965.

         The bitcoin architects have tried to hide the true models behind their design. They’ve occulted the simple magic of a geometric system that has the power to “virtually” transform base metals into precious metals. . . a kind of geometric alchemy. Many examples have been given in the preceding chapters showing the relationship between a tetrahedron and cube. Readers have seen how these polyhedrons having equal edge-length-sums (both being made from the same length line to form their edges) have been used by the illuminati in past times to form our weights and measures. Now, it seems, bitcoin is no exception. Let’s have a look at the geometry “they” probably thought we’d never see.


         The diagram above shows a tetrahedron and a cube so scaled that the sums of each of these form’s edges are equal. And in the eyes of geometry, these two forms are “equal” to one another in the first dimension. The tetrahedron weighs 567,000 grams and represents the $25,000 in base metal quarters. The cube, which is the tetrahedron’s geometric 1st dimensional equivalent, contains 601,394.3175… grams. And like the tetrahedron, it too contains a metal value of $25,000. But there is a big difference. If this cube’s 601,394.3175… grams is the weight of pure silver, then that makes it the equivalent of the pure silver content in 25,000 U.S. silver dollar coins, and that’s real money in the sense in which “money” used to be strictly defined. (Note: 24.05659534…grams = 371.25 grains)

601,394.317… grams / 24.0565… grams = 24,999.14510…


 24,999.14510… / 25,000 =   .999965…

          The simple equations above show that this modeling, using the actual coinage, corresponds to the geometric ideals to better than 99.99% perfect. This bitcoin model can now be regarded as beginning with the cube of $25,000 in pure silver, derived from the real “dollars” of olden times. Then it is adulterated through this geometric transformation into the tetrahedronal quantity of base metals, which have been assigned a value of $25,000 only by fiat, or decree.

         Though bitcoin absolutely fits this modeling, and it is certainly a relevant aspect of its’ architecture, I don’t think it’s the ultimate concept to which the architects patterned their creation. If their intention was to imbue what they believe to be magical properties into their bitcoin system, then there probably is still another even more significant model. I think the following geometry quite possibly is that model.

The Link Between Physical Silver

And Bitcoin Geometry


         The illuminati’s secret 27 milligram system begins with the gram in the form of a cube. Next, and for reasons right out of the origins of “transformational geometry”, 27 of these cubical gram units are combined into one greater unit. This greater unit is then sub-divided into 1000 individual cubes (ten to an edge) with each weighing 27 milligrams.

         The previous photo again shows this system’s beginning model consisting of 27 cubical (gram) units assembled into one greater unit. Each of the individual cubes is modeling a weight unit of measure. But this same photo can also depict Bitcoin’s beginning model. Here the 27 individual cubes are modeling volume units of measure instead of weight. In this case, each cube represents 1.0 cubic foot. Since the gram is a fixed weight, the size of any model will vary depending on the substance. On the other hand, a “cubic foot” is a fixed size, so in the Bitcoin model it is the weight that varies depending on the substance.

         In both cases, at the heart of each system of modeling is the individual cube measuring a 1/27th part of the greater cubical unit. If the cubic foot is at the heart of Bitcoin, then the cubic yard is the greater unit. This is significant, since it has already been shown in previous chapters that from the ancient cubic yard derived the perch, rod, pole, and the surveyor’s chain, and by extension all of America’s modern units of land measure. At the same time, all of these measures of land have been revealed as being agglomerations of more fundamental units of quantification inherent to transformational geometry: i.e. the quantities 412.5; 371.25; and 247.5 “units”. These are the very units the illuminati of past times chose when they designed the system of American coinage in 1792 and subsequent years. Is it just a coincidence that they appear in the geometric architecture of today’s Bitcoin? To see this at work, lets now look at 1 cubic foot of pure silver.

         First, look at its weight in grams: 297,043.232… This is how many grams of pure silver that is in 1 cubic foot. Now the cubic foot goes far back in time, and the “gallon” unit in the days of the Roman Empire was exactly 1/8th of a cubic foot. This means that a Roman gallon (remember the gallon is first and foremost a volume unit) of pure silver weighs 371.25 X 102 grams. It is this weight to an accuracy of better than 99.98% perfect:

 371.25 gr X (102) X 8 = 297,000…grams = .999855…

1 cu. ft. silver = 297,043.2319… grams

          Remember, the weight of pure silver in the American silver dollar coin, in grains, is 371.25. And this represents .900 of the coins gross weight of 412.5 grains. Now in terms of grains, a cubic foot of pure silver weighs 4,584,000.493… grains, and a .900 portion of this amount equals 4,125,600.444… grains. This translates to the gross weight of 10,000 silver dollar coins, each weighing 412.5 grains; again, this is to an accuracy of better than 99.98% perfect:

4,584,000.493… grains X .900 = 412.5 grains X 10,000

          Wow, what a coincidence! Grams and grains in quantitative units of 371.25 and 412.5, and a perfect 1 cubic foot measure of the natural element pure silver all coming together in one model that has an actual (not virtual) physical presence in our material reality. All of the data above regarding the density of silver and its relationship to an ancient and current volume unit, was distilled from geometry and the physical sciences in the course of this investigation into the geometry of bitcoin. Our reality is truly as strange as any fiction. And it is becoming obvious, that some among our ancestors were well aware of its properties and have gone to great lengths to hide this knowledge from the rest of “us”.

         But this is just the beginning of the bitcoin architects melding of what now appears to be a somewhat “magical” cubic foot of pure silver into the quantitative geometry of their new “monetary” system. What happens next is nothing less than astounding.

         The perfect cube of silver is transformed into a perfect sphere. It is still, nonetheless, one cubic foot of pure silver. The diameter of this sphere measures 1.24070098… “feet” (whereas the cube’s edge was exactly 1.000… “foot”). Continuing with their design, they created another cube of pure silver with an edge-length measuring 1.24070098… feet. The volume of this cube is 1.909859318… cubic feet (6 cuft./π;), and it can perfectly incase within its confines the spherical cubic foot of silver.

         This cube of pure silver is the bitcoin “mother-block”, the modeled ideal from which all of the bitcoin geometry was ultimately extracted.


 The “Mother-Block” of All Bitcoin Blocks

         Let’s now look closely at this cubic block of pure silver that has its edge-length commensurate to the diameter of a sphere equal to 1 cubic foot in volume. Knowing the density of the various elements one can easily calculate the weight of any given volume. This specific volume of pure silver (1.9098593… cubic foot) weighs 567,310.78448… grams; or, 8,754,796.056… grains. This translates to 20,000 avoirdupois ounces to better than 99.9% perfect accounting. Specifically, the exact number of ounces is 20,011.3153…



 20,000 / 20,011.3153… = 0.999434…

          Note the “fineness” expressed in the equation above. To gauge just how close these measures are to one another one should realize that no United States coin has ever required any greater than a 0.999 fineness.

          This same relationship can again be clearly seen in the number of grams in this block of silver:

567,000 / 567,310.78448 = 0.999452…

          Another way of visualizing the degree to which nature’s element silver and man’s units of measure have been merged into one commensurate system is to determine what volume of silver is actually contained within the sphere that perfectly fits within the confines of the perfect 567,000 gram cube of pure silver. The answer is: 0.999452…. cubic foot.

         This discovery brings us full circle right back to the beginning of this bitcoin chapter. There a volume of 567,000 grams was deduced from quantifying bitcoin’s 21,000,000 units with the illuminati’s unit of 27 milligrams. Now we find the same block of silver, completely independent of any connection to bitcoin, this time distilled from an idealized “1 cubic foot” of pure silver. The quantitative components (412.5; 371.25) exposed in earlier chapters to be building blocks and templates for the American monetary and land measure systems are literally inherent to the very element (silver) itself.

         Now, here is further confirmation of this natural relationship between a volume unit known as 1 cubic foot; a cube of pure silver this size; a cubical unit of silver the size of the bitcoin “mother-block”; and the quantities 412.5 units, and 371.25 units. When the size of the “mother-block” is converted from cubic feet (1.909859318…) into cubic inches

1.909859318… X 1728 cu. in. = 3300.2369… cu. in.

and then, just like we see a cubic foot of silver sub-divide into eight sub-cubes each with a weight of (371.25)102 grams; the “mother-block” similarly sub-divided reveals eight sub-cubes each with a volume of (412.5)1.01 cubic inches. The degree to which the metal, the math, and the “sacred” measures of olden times approach the ideal of a perfect commensuration is expressed in the equations below:

3300.2369… cu. in. / 8   =   412.5296128


412.5 / 412.5296128… = 0.999928216…

         Today is January 25th, 2014. It was six weeks ago that I first began looking into the “geometry of bitcoin”. It appears that the process has revealed a “bit” more valuable data than I could have ever imagined when I began looking. During this brief period, the first of the 100 units of 210,000 bitcoin blocks has been exhausted and “mining” has begun in earnest on the second unit. Bitcoin tracking sites on the Internet show that 12,311,250 bitcoins now exist, and that each is being traded at a value of $865. Those who bought in when they went for a buck a piece must certainly be bullish on bitcoin.

         But beware! Historically, no fiat currency has ever survived indefinitely. Most are comparatively short lived. Bitcoin is really no different no matter what its advocates want to believe, or want you to believe. In fact bitcoin is one step farther removed from what historically has been regarded as “real money” than even that fiat paper you are carrying around today. Your paper dollars, or whatever you want to call a “Federal Reserve Note”, only has value because the government orders it so, and backs up this order ultimately only with the barrel of a gun. To have confidence in this kind of money one must not only believe in, and support the present imperial governments of this world, but must also have faith that they will endure. It helps too that one be ignorant of any real understanding regarding money, and its history as a tool to corrupt and plunder the common man. I predict bitcoin will be no different.

         “They” want your gold and silver. Many who are fortunate enough to hold some of these commodities, which have historically been at the top of the “wealth pyramid” (aside from land), have been reluctant to spend or part with their gold and silver fearing an inevitable crash of the fiat systems of the world. For years now the banking cartel has artificially depressed the true value of gold and silver keeping it ridiculously low and falling. This is to discourage new acquisitions by individuals and to encourage the dumping of personal holdings in favor of a “safer” investment that will actually go up in value. I suppose in this sense, nothing looks better than bitcoin.