Pictures of the Morgan silver dollar usually are  accompanied by the following description:

Diameter: 38.1 millimeters: Weight: 26.73 grams

Composition: .900 silver, .100 copper

Net Weight: .77344 ounce pure silver

          It is almost like somebody is purposely trying to confuse us and to steer us away from discovering their system. For example, these specifications for the silver dollar are typical regardless of where one finds the information. The gross weight is most often expressed in grams while its pure silver content is given in a decimal equivalent to a troy ounce. These are two different systems of account; and when used together like these are far less informative than if one or the other was used for both weights. At least then one will be comparing “apples with apples” so to speak, or “oranges with oranges”. When expressed as 26.72955 grams gross weight and 24.05659 grams pure silver; or, .859375 troy ounce gross weight, .7734375 troy ounce pure silver, clear evaluation of these quantities is possible. And even far more informative than these is the system the Congress used in the 1792 Coinage Act: 416 grains gross weight (reduced to 412.5 grains with the 1837 Mint Act*); 371.25 grains pure silver content. But the true architects of this coin had another system in mind altogether and have, to the best of my research, successfully concealed it from the rest of world.

*     The architects would have used this weight originally in 1792 if they thought they could get away with it. Because the Spanish milled dollar was the coin most prevalent in the colonies Congress wanted to make the new American dollar to be of the same “value”. Despite this mandate being written into the 1792 act, the coin they created was nevertheless slightly lighter than the Spanish coin even at 416 grains. So they had to wait and incrementally guide the slight changes to the coins over the years with new Congresses and new excuses for the changes. All the while, that they were creating, what was to them, mystical coins with magical properties was thoroughly concealed from the rest of humanity.

The Coinage Code

          The “historical record” tells us that the Coinage Act of 1792 brought into existence essentially two coins as the basis of the new American monetary system. The same historical record right up to the present day experts, also agree that the 371.25 grains of pure silver in the dollar coin was a quantity arrived at by assaying Spanish silver coins in circulation at the time. This is because they were mandated by the Act to create a coin “of the same value as the Spanish milled dollar”. The 247.5 grains of pure gold in the $10 eagle was supposedly determined by the current 15 to 1 (again alleged) global exchange rate. 

          History records that a thousand coins were gathered from the market place and a scientific body was charged with determining their silver content. This was done first in 1786, and a recommendation was made to the then “Continental Congress” that the coin contain 375.64 grains pure silver. But a second assay was allegedly made after Washington became president in 1789 from which it was determined that 371.25 grains would be the amount of silver in the new U.S. coin. Today, the foremost authority on the American coinage system, Dr. Edwin Vieira, at 19:00–22:00 minutes into his lecture “What is Constitutional Money?” says that if the same coins were assayed today, with today’s high technology they would most certainly arrive at a different figure. He concludes that this figure of 371.25 grains was subjectively arrived at through comparatively crude analysis and is therefore purely “arbitrary”.

          Because of my 35 years of independent research into the “geometry of form”, I am able to see what “They” thought none of “us” would ever, ever see. Here is the recipe for their “coinage code”, despite what “history” insists on telling us (note that one Troy oz. = 480 grains):

 ( 66 )  /   6(.666…) ( (one Troy oz. / (1/.0666…) )   =     247.5 grains pure gold  /  (one Troy oz.)

 ( 99 )  /   6(.666…) ( (one Troy oz. / (1/.0666…) )   =    371.25 grains pure silver  /  (one Troy oz.)

          Pretty cool, huh? But as clever as they were, the architects behind the scenes reveled in being even more clever, and secretive. They not only designed their coins to be based on the troy ounce of 480 grains, and their secret recipe, but unknown to the whole world until now, they fashioned these same coins using the avoirdupois ounce, our common marketplace ounce of 437.5 grains. This is especially significant because “historically” precious metals were rarely measured in any but troy units of measure. Not to worry, the illuminous architects knew better:

 ( 99 )  /  6( (one Av. oz. /(1/.0666…) )  =   247.5 grains pure gold  /  437.5 grains (one Av. oz.)

 ( 66+99 )  /  6( (one Av. oz./(1/.0666…) )  =   412.5 grains pure silver  /  437.5 grains (one Av. oz.)

 ( 69+99 )  /  6((one Av. oz./(1/.0666…))  =   420 grains (Trade Dollar)  /  437.5 grains (one Av. oz.)

Again, this is pretty cool don’t you agree?

          Keep in mind, right now I’m the only “regular” human on earth who knows about this aside from the contemporary custodians of this secret. They’re probably lurking within the confines of one or another of those supposedly secret societies, such as are branded “illuminati” and other related ilk. Now you too, dear reader, know about their well kept secret. And this is just the tip of an Iceberg of mind blowing examples, from numerical to 3-D geometry that I’ve discovered regarding the money system, and beyond, that turns accepted history upside down. And I can support it all by mathematical truth as clear as those examples above.