The date today is December 12, 2013. In a little more than two weeks humanity will  enter the year 2014. It was  just a   little    more than four years ago when a  new form of  “money” made  its first  appearance on the  world scene. It is  called “bitcoin”. It purports to be a creation of the people as an  alternative monetary system to the fiat  and other corrupt systems   feeding on the populace today. Everywhere you read   about its anti-establishment  proclivities, and it being hailed as the future’s medium of exchange.

         Three years ago (11/28/10), I began my investigation into the “geometry of money”. This was after over three decades of independent research involving the “Geometry of Form”. At that time, three years ago, I was totally unaware of the magnitude of what I was about to uncover.

         I began my investigation by studying the weights and metallic ratios of the gold and silver coins created by the 1792 Coinage Act. This opened the door into what I can only describe as a “holy grail” unveiling the source of humanities entire system of weights and measures. And the mountains of data preceding this chapter on “bitcoin”, prove beyond any reasonable doubt that a “hidden hand” has guided the creation of these measures every step of the way (which totally conflicts with the historical record). And now, today, I see that same occult math and geometry unveiled in the quantitative structural essence of bitcoin.

         Why do I say this and how can I prove it? The proof is in simple math and geometry. And this proof is why I say with confidence that the same secretive group is still at work today controlling the fate of humanity from behind the scenes. Bitcoin is another financial creature specially bred by (for lack of a better word) the “illuminati” for the express purpose of robbing what will soon become the last vestiges of humanities wealth. Just how they will use bitcoin to accomplish this end I will reveal later after first showing the occult mathematics and geometry exposing the presence of this same secretive group at work behind the scenes.

        Since “bitcoins” are virtual they have no physical properties such as those we examined with the coins and paper bills. Bitcoins have no weight, thickness, diameter, metallic or paper ratios, etc. such as exists with physical monetary units. Bitcoin gives us very little quantitative evidence to work with; but any evidence might just hold the potential to open a hidden door. Here’s what we do know for starters.

         There will never be more than 21,000,000 bitcoins. They are computer generated as a work-product-result of a “mining” process. Bitcoins are mined in “blocks”, and blocks are released to the world for mining in groups or units each containing 210,000 blocks. The first unit of 210,000 blocks is valued at 50 Btcs (bitcoins) per block. Thus, after all of these first 210,000 blocks have been mined, which allegedly will be any day soon, there will be 10,500,000 bitcoins in existence. The next group of 210,000 blocks will contain only 25 Btcs/block. The next group of 210,000 blocks will have only half of the previous groups, or 12.5 Btcs/block; and so on. In all, there will be 100 releases of groups containing 210,000 blocks.

         That’s about it. Not many numbers to work with, but at least it is a starting point. That being said lets put our sandals on the few numbers describing this potentially evil little creature and see what kind of real data we can squeeze out of them.

 The most obvious quantitative fact we know about Bitcoin is that there will be a fixed limit to the number of Bitcoins that will ever be created: 21,000,000. One could almost say that this is Bitcoins’ prime numeric identity. And what is it about this quantity? Why did they choose this number rather than some other such as 20,000,000 or 25,000,000? Was 20 million too low and 25 million too high but 21 million, apparently for some inexplicable reason, is just right? It certainly looks like this must be the case; but why?

         It’s possible they just had to choose some number. Now on the other hand, it is also possible that something’s hidden from view, concealing the real source for that number. The answer is almost too obvious; and leaves me dumbfounded as to why it isn’t all over the Internet?

4800 X 4375 = 21,000,000


480 X 437.5 = 210,000

          The quantities 480 and 437.5, especially when intentionally used in conjunction with one another, are the two specific base-unit quantitative identifiers of humanities two different systems of weight based on “ounces”:

Troy Ounce = 480 grains


Avoirdupois Ounce = 437.5 grains

          So we are forced to entertain only one of two choices: either this is all just one big coincidence; or, the designers intentionally chose to model their system on the actual weights already in present use (and shown in the previous chapters to be quantitative standards inseparable from the very structure of geometry, and money itself). If the latter of the two propositions is in fact the case, then why has this been kept such a secret? Readers who are aware of the previous chapters leading up to this chapter on Bitcoin will immediately recognize this as familiar modus operandi characteristic of the Illuminati.

         In fact, when we look further into this twenty-one million quantity and its’ various magnitudes or powers, we’ll see the exact same geometric constructs which we previously saw patterning all of our familiar measures. Now once again, it’s important for the reader to know that this is absolutely contradicting the historical record which claims an underground unknown Japanese hacker, disgruntled with the current “criminal” banking system, created Bitcoin as some kind of “honest” alternative. Yet, it’s mathematical DNA shows the same “genetics” as that characterizing all of our present systems based on weights and measures.

         To see this, let’s start by modeling the first unit or group of 210,000 bitcoin blocks that are currently being “mined” (and about to be completed). There are 100 of these groups in all and each group can be refined into 210 individual units, with each individual unit containing 1000 bitcoin blocks.

         First we’ll model the 210 individual units two-dimensionally by using a square subdivided with 15 squares-per-edge. But, since 210 equals 14 times 15, and this “perfect” square contains 225 (15 times 15) sub-unit squares, it’s easy to see in the diagram below that one complete row is missing leaving the “square” incomplete.

210 units (white squares) form 15 X 14 grid. One complete line of 15 unit squares is missing leaving larger square incomplete

          We saw this same geometry in the tierce of olden times and its’ modern version 42 gallon petro-barrel where their cubic inch capacity falls one row shy of forming a perfectly complete square measuring 99 cubic inches per edge (see pg. 120 for more examples).

There are 42 gallons in the tierce or modern petro-barrel and a “gallon” is 231 cubic inches; therefore, the barrel contains 9702cubic inches. These units assemble into the square above which consists of exactly 98 lines with each containing 99 cubes. The missing 99th line is indicated in red.

         When this same packaging of 210 individual cubical agglomerations of 1000 bitcoin blocks is modeled in 3-dimensions, as one single cube having six of the smaller cubes per edge, we end up again with our model mimicking the Illuminati’s recurring theme where an otherwise perfect geometry is “perfectly compromised” either by lacking one complete layer, course, row or line; or having one additional complete layer, course, row or line.

Each of the 210 cubes depicted above contain 1000 bitcoin “blocks”. In all, 100 of these super-blocks have to be completely “mined” before all 21,000,000 “coins” are created. This “perfectly” incomplete cube lacks one complete course of sub-unit cubes.

          And again, for readers unfamiliar with the previous chapters the photo below is included to show the similar modeling applied to the 26.73 gram, or 412.5 grain American silver dollar coin.

Depicted above, using the 27 mg system and incorporating 990 of these cubets, the weight of the silver dollar coin is modeled far beyond any tolerance required in actual production.

          It’s obvious from what has been revealed thus far that 21,000,000 “units” has some special significance to bitcoin geometry. So the question now is which “unit” in particular did the bitcoin architects use to model their system? We already know that there is evidence indicating they used the 480 grain Troy, and the 437.5 grain AV ounces to arrive at their “quantity” of 210,000 bitcoin “blocks”. But is there some special “unit” like the grain or the gram, or some other unit altogether, to which their design conforms and from which (they believe) great and powerful magic is imbued into their creation? Let’s have a look around and see if there is anything more to be seen.