“Forbidden knowledge” is a term we’ve all heard or read in one or another connotation. But have you ever really encountered any? If any disclosure or body of information can truly be called “forbidden knowledge” then what you will find on this website must be included somewhere at the top of the list. For with out any doubt, somebody a very long time ago made the decision that forbade disclosure to anyone outside their tiny circle of technocrats.

          Alright, give the above statement the benefit of the doubt. WHY WOULD ANYONE spend a lifetime accumulating the evidence, and researching and writing two very unique books, and then offer up the fruits of these labors to anyone and everyone (complete, cover to cover) for FREE? The answer to that question can be found in the implications drawn from the content of the two books and the tenuous path that eventually led  to discovering what can be nothing other than the work of the ILLUMINATI. Proof is in their hidden design for our world’s systems of weights and measures, and their concealing the relevant geometric system behind their design. I feel that this information is too essential for our understanding of this world today to allow “chance” another opportunity to stand in the way of making it known to others.

          Certainly I do intend to publish in hard copy, for sale and distribution, each of these books and additional works as time permits (See Section #4). But anything can happen in the meantime, and I’ll not allow even a profit motive to delay any longer my bringing this “forbidden knowledge” into the light where it belongs. But I can use your help in many different ways to aid in this task.

          The first and most important action you can take is to read and comprehend this material. Once you have seen enough to know for yourself that this is unprecedented information, truly “forbidden knowledge” to those of us uninitiated, then please pass it on.  You don’t have to master it all before sharing the link to this website with others.

          YOU MAY COPY ANY AND ALL OF THIS MATERIAL. Put what interests you on a disk or thumb-drive for sharing and storage. But more importantly, if you can, copy onto PAPER what’s most relevant for you. Why paper in this day and age of the “paperless office”? Because, what you are looking at right now on your computer screen is about as real as the money in our bank accounts. It’s just electronic, its virtual, it doesn’t really exist. IT CAN ALL DISAPPEAR IN AN INSTANT. In truth, I am not really giving you a book, or books, but only the jewels of knowledge contained within them, as long as this website remains viable. Again, it can all go away just as suddenly as it appeared. PAPER, lots of paper in many different hands as soon as possible. This alone will go a long way toward assuring the preservation of this knowledge that “others” prefer remain in the dark.


          ANYONE who takes the time to read and understand the evidence contained within this website will know unequivocally that our history has been purposely corrupted. We have been lied to by “omission” ; and lied to by the fabrication of completely made-up stories. For example, I may be wrong about this, but I am willing to bet that the original journals recording the measurements and calculations of the scientific team commissioned by the French government in the 1790’s do NOT exist, and NEVER did. Allegedly, amidst their bloody revolution, they measured the earth’s quadrant from the north pole through Paris to the equator. This resulted in the “meter” and metric system.  I say this is just a story because an obvious inseparable fundamental relationship exists in the very structure of geometry that mimics the unique proportional relationships between humanity’s inch and meter systems. No doubt the much smarter than I Illuminati, way back then, also were well aware of this.

          The many other examples are too numerous to mention here but can be found throughout this website. My book, THE GEOMETRY OF MONEY, is a compilation of unimpeachable courtroom level  evidence, based on mathematics, proving the existence of an on going “conspiracy” reaching back at least to the time of Caesar. I think we should know the truth and not settle for being lied to, especially since we now have the evidence to prove it.. The work of this group behind the curtain certainly is not limited to our money, and systems of weights and measures. Our entire view of the Universe, and our place in it, is all explained to us by the use of mathematics and geometry. It is naieve  to think that the sciences have somehow escaped from being purposely corrupted by the hidden hand of this same secretive society.


          It is my hope that interested others will join in on my continuing research and carry it forward long after I am gone (I’ll turn 70 in 7/17, and I’m not in the best of health). This open research forum will be an active place for the exchange of ideas and discussions, as well as providing a central hub for the assimilation and archiving the many discoveries that others most certainly will make once they know how and what to look for. I am sure that the evidence I have uncovered thus far is only the top of a mountain of evidence below, just waiting to be forensically pieced together by others using the very simple mathematics and geometry explained here in this website. 

          Finding documented answers through the internet to many basic historical questions have also presented some challenges. The answers are out “there”, but so far my access to them has been difficult and without success.  Its my hope that others will be able to find these answers, especially those who are in a convenient proximity to where the sought after documentation is housed: Washington D.C., Philadelphia, to name just two places. My being here in Hawaii presents both a geographical and financial impediment. But other researchers may be better positioned and be able to gain physical access to (for example) the archives of the Mints that struck the 1792 and 1837 coins. The two Coinage Acts clearly define the various weights and purity specifications but nowhere are the requirements for thickness and diameter. Oh they are “there” somewhere, not in the Acts but in the actual instructions within the mint master’s internal records. There too will be found the exact dimensions for the silver dollar’s planchettes (the pre-struck, pre-edge-rolled coin blanks), information necessary for some of my continuing research. There still remains unanswered questions regarding the geometry of our paper money. A visit to the archives at the Bureau Of Engraving probably can provide those answers.

          Over the years I’ve compiled over a thousand notecards in my number file. Its like a dictionary of numeric quantities. Instead of alphabetical it is numeric moving from 1 through 9. Decimal points and zeros are ignored for filing purposes. Its grown into an unbelievably powerful research tool that I intend to make public as part of this research hub. Ideally it will be active in that the quantitative entries are internally linked to their other relevant numeric equivalents. This will give to an inspired researcher what took me many decades to accumulate. This is in addition to the data already contained in the two present books. But I cannot do this without help, especially financial.   


          My first priority for funding is to jumpstart the initial printing of these two books: THE GEOMETRY OF MONEY; and, .  .  .  AN INTRODUCTION TO THE GEOMETRY OF FORM.  I exhausted all of my own meager resources as fast as I could earn the money to buy the time to do the research over the years to produce the books and to get this far. Now I need sponsors and patrons, and donors, large and small, who recognize the value of this evidence, and the need to expose and preserve it AND SIMPLY WANT TO MAKE SURE THIS GETS DONE.

          I also need the assistance of this reader, who (if like myself) may not have the means to substantially donate to help keep my research moving forward, but who may see the value in purchasing a printed copy of one or both books when they become available. Or maybe some readers will even send me a few bucks as a way of “tipping”,  appreciative of my having already served them up a big fat plate filled with tender tasty morsels of “forbidden knowledge”. Even if only ONE DOLLAR $1.00 was placed in an old fashion “envelope” and mailed as a kudos for my efforts it too would be much appreciated. It would also serve as a simple sign signaling to me a “thank you for sharing”, and that you understand you have read something important.

          AVAILABLE IMMEDIATELY, BOTH BOOKS ON COMPACT DISK, in exchange for a $100 minimum contribution, formatted directly from the master files. With this exchange you not only help fund the maintenance of this site and future research and disclosures, but at the same time having the disk in your hands, separated from the internet and the “cloud” (where I’m guessing this website resides), helps assure the preservation of this evidence and knowledge should it all suddenly vanish.  

          AVAILABLE IMMEDIATELY also, are two Limited Edition Posters: “ENDLISH 101” and “The Mystery Of The Number Symbols”.  I designed these over a decade ago and only printed about twenty proofs of each poster which have long since disappeared. They are featured in the beginning and end of the first book Excerpts From SOME THOUGHTS ON UNIVERSE An Introduction to The Geometry of Form. Again, in exchange for a  minimum contribution of $100, I will sign the poster with a personalized thank you, the date, and its number in this initial Limited “Donor’s” Edition of 100 copies. This includes shipping to all U.S. postal zones. I call this the “Donor’s Edition” because I recognize $100 dollars is a lot of money for a poster. After this edition is exhausted I should be in a better financial position to print a larger number of each thus reducing the price substantially.

          KASPRZYCKIART.GALLERIA will showcase some of my artwork past and present. Here will be available for sale original sculptures, print images, monotypes, jewelry, some interesting “art-wear”, and a few master woodworks from my personal collection. After launching this website I will finish building gallery. 

           So, to any readers who understand the true value of the information disclosed on this website, and want to assist in fulfilling its mission, please click on the following link to see